About us

Welcome to Drifter!

We are a store and creative space located on the corner of the Gierstraat & Botermarkt, Haarlem. We consider our space a constantly evolving and exciting new project, or/just like a wave that we drift upon.

This shack is where we like to dress you nicely, advise you and make you aware of your purchase. As much as we like seeing you again soon, we hope you will enjoy your clothing for as long as possible.

We aim minimize waste and consumerism, and therefore only sell high-standard fabrics and materials. As much as possible, we commit to organic, socially responsible and environmental friendly produced wear, which can be loved over and over again, even after multiple washings and wearings. We are still at the beginning of this journey, but we are committed to remain transparent and make this awareness a great success.

Drifter is more than a beautiful selection of brands. It also provides a kind of haven for people to hang out. We are proud to serve organically grown coffee from Stooker Roasting Company, Amsterdam, and made a small but light window bar in the corner of our store for you to enjoy it fully whilst working, reading, chatting and/or chilling. In addition to the classic “clothing & coffee” – concept, we want this space to be open for new artists desiring to expose, have book launches or musical performances; basically anything that connects to us is welcome.

On the contrary of a ‘drifter’ that’s someone who moves around aimlessly, we have chosen our location carefully and we intend to stay. Haarlem is where we are born and raised and where we feel most happy. Close to the ocean and the dunes, as well as the big city of Amsterdam, we believe this city is perfect the way it is! It’s calm and friendly, and therefore at the moment, we have no ambitions to extend, but rather stay grounded, build a community and enjoy every single day. This does not mean we don’t like traveling and stop exploring though.

In short, we are building a project that is as strong as our espresso’s, and we want you to take part!